Alpha.16 Build Notes

Walk Animation
* (Fix) Animation was inside the Movement function, which is called far too often. Basically, needed it’s own timer loop.

Player Start Position
* (Fix) Was only being saved in Player instance, not Game. Basically it didn’t matter what Game you were loading, your starting position would always be the last pos in the last game you played.

* (Change) The Player can now walk on water.
* (Change) Walking over a Water block will now heal the Player.

Water Healing

The Water is Fine! (Ahhh, Healing)

* (Add) Gold, Silver and Copper Coins can now be found in the Kingdom of Serenity! To begin with Pinkeyes drop Copper coins on dying.

Copper Coins

I'm rich! Five. Count 'em. Five Copper Coins!

* (Change) Campfire, Torch and Stone Pickaxe Recipes have all been adjusted.

Alpha.15 Build Notes

You will want to create a new Player, there have been major structural changes

* (Add) Bodies of Water added into the generation of Desert biome.

* (Update) Logic improved. Sentients can move around *most* situations, but still not all.

* (Change) Campfires will only exist in a single instance of a Game. That is .. if you save your game and load it again, any Campfires that you have placed on the ground will no longer be there. This may change back in the future.

* (Change) Base changes to almost all structures for better key-ing, sorting and finding. This will require a new Player to be created (and a new Game, but that comes with the Player).

* (Fix) When below Max, the width of the Sheep’s Healthbar was being incorrectly calculated.

Alpha.14 Build Notes

You will need to start a new Game to see the Desert biome

* (Change) The Harvesting skill increase from Leaves has been increased from 0.2 to 0.3.
* (Change) The Harvesting skill increase from Dirt has been increased from 0.2 to 0.4.
* (Change) The Harvesting Level of Coal has been decreased from 30 to 20.
* (Add) Harvesting Level logic added for Cactus, Brick, Marble and Steel blocks.

* (Add) Desert biome added, fresh with Cactii plants! You have to start a new game to have the Desert biome added to your Regions.

Desert Biome

The swirling sands of time and .. yellow!

* (Add) Bodies of Water (Water blocks) can now be found in the Forest biome. Cannot be moved over (yet).


Ahhh, nothing like kicking back next to the ol' lake

* (Add) Lava block added. Can be walked over. Will harm Player.


Ouch! Lava is dangerous .. One Player died as a result of taking this screenshot!

Sentient Health
* (Update) “Health” field is now “Health Current” and “Health Max”.
* (Add) Player Health (Current and Max) now saved, although the Current health will always be full when a game is loaded.

* (Change) Altered the order of generation in Forests (Water -> Trees -> Sheep) and Caves (Pathways -> Caverns -> Ores -> Gems -> Lava -> Pinkeyes).
* (Add) Cactus plants will be generated in the Desert biome.

Character Screen
* (Change) “Abilities” tab changed to “Character”.
* (Add) “Health” section added.
* (Update) If the selected Inventory item cannot be an Action, then the “Make Selected Action” button is disabled.

* (Update) The Tool icon is now updated according to what is in the Tool Equipment slot (looks at 1 then 2).

Tool HUD

The HUD now shows your equipped tool

* (Update) The “Character Screen” button now has an image of the Player (rather than the phrase “Chr”).

Character Button

Should be a bit more obvious now what this button is for (the Character Screen)

Alpha.13 Build Notes

* You might want to start a new Player and Game with this build. *


* (Add) Rest of the slots added to the Equipment tab in the Character Screen.
* (Update) When you put an item from the Inventory into an Equipment slot, the item is removed from the Inventory.
* (Update) When you remove an item from an Equipment slot, the item is added into the Inventory.
* (Fix) Double-clicking on an item in the Inventory would always move the item to the Equipment slot (if viable) and continue to decrement the quantity until zero.

Equipment Slots!

So many equipment slots!

Stone Pickaxes
* (Add) Added into the game.

The Stone Pickaxe

Ahhh, the trusty Pickaxe!

Wooden Crates
* (Add) Wooden Crates added in. Made from Tree Trunks.

Wooden Crates!

Where would a game be without wooden crates?

Character Screen
* (Change) “Stats” tab changed to “Totals”. Confusing with the actual character stats (STR, DEX, ..).

Classes (Coding)
* (Add) Item class added. Most everything (not Sentients) now uses this as parent, instead of Object.

* (Add) The Harvesting Ability is now in play. All blocks now have a minimum Harvesting level. And all blocks, when harvested, will increase your Harvesting level if your level is within the boundaries for that block. So basically, you can’t mine Gold until you have a certain Harvesting level.
* (Add) When a Pickaxe is equipped the number of hits needed to harvest is decreased, based on the type of the Pickaxe. Soon I want to make it also based on the Harvesting level.

* (Add) Basic messaging system in place to notify the Player of stuff.


Messaging feedback is goooood

More Feedback

More feedback

Block History
* (Fix) The save file name wasn’t being correctly primed.

Alpha.12 Build Notes

Mouse Clicks
* (Fix) When moving diagonally the Right Mouse “down click” could stay on indefinitely (meaning that if you had an active block, say Brick, it would place itself down until you ran out).

* (Add) Campfires now give off light.

Block Placement
* (Update) You can now place Campfires underneath yourself, but Blocks cannot be placed in any block that the Player is currently in.

* (Add) Equipment slots added in (Sentient Class, Character Screen).

* (Add) Torches added in, can be equipped into the “Light Source” Equipment slot. Double-clicking a torch in the Inventory will add it to the “Light Source” equipment slot. Double-clicking on the “Light Source” equipment slot will remove the torch.

Equipment Slots!

You can equip a Torch!

Light Radius without a Torch

Light Radius without a Torch

Light Radius with a Torch

Light Radius with a Torch