Alpha.16 Build Notes

Walk Animation
* (Fix) Animation was inside the Movement function, which is called far too often. Basically, needed it’s own timer loop.

Player Start Position
* (Fix) Was only being saved in Player instance, not Game. Basically it didn’t matter what Game you were loading, your starting position would always be the last pos in the last game you played.

* (Change) The Player can now walk on water.
* (Change) Walking over a Water block will now heal the Player.

Water Healing

The Water is Fine! (Ahhh, Healing)

* (Add) Gold, Silver and Copper Coins can now be found in the Kingdom of Serenity! To begin with Pinkeyes drop Copper coins on dying.

Copper Coins

I'm rich! Five. Count 'em. Five Copper Coins!

* (Change) Campfire, Torch and Stone Pickaxe Recipes have all been adjusted.

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