Alpha 49 Build Notes

Character Window
* (Update) “Bad Snails” added to the Harmed and Killed totals on the screen.
* (Fix) Trying to “Equip” (double-click on) Bricks or other equippable blocks wasn’t working.

Player Select
* (Change) Health and Level values moved into the browse.

* (Change) Jotun “Follow” speed doubled (when they are chasing you they are faster than you!).
* (Add) Mob “Ages” have been added. They are: Young, Adult and Elder. At the moment, it only affects the max health of the mob, damage, experience given and the drop rates, but more to come!
* (Change) Follow speeds increased to compensate for the Player walk speed increase.

Drop Logic
* (Update) Still very much in early stages, has been upgraded to take into account mob “Age”. Will refine as we go along.

* (Change) Player walk speed increased.

* (Fix) The Blacksmith Cornerstone sprite wasn’t drawn correctly.

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