Alpha 47 Build Notes

The Blacksmith Cornerstone placed!

The Blacksmith Cornerstone placed!

* (Fix) Leaf Cuirass recipe had the name “Leaf Cap”.
* (Fix) When loading a player/world after the first time (back to main window, then load again), there were no Recipes loaded.

Game Data
* (Update) Game Data file is now encrypted. Yowza, why wasn’t this already done?
* (Change) Names of some oome of the blocks changed (mostly “nugget” changed to “Block”).
* (Add) “Objects” added into the Game Data file. These are all the items (including blocks) in Ballikin. Kind of a base base object data file, used for Name and Description retrieval mostly at the moment.

* (Add) The Blueprint interface (right-click on the Kingdom Flag) now allows for the creation of Cornerstones, which are used to signify specific buildings. The first blueprint is for a Blacksmith.

* (Add) The product of a Blueprint is a Cornerstone. First one is a Blacksmith.

* (Add) You can now build a Blacksmith! At the moment, only the Repair function of the Blacksmith is working.

Repairing in the Blacksmith!

Repairing in the Blacksmith!

Inventory Management
* (Fix) Enhanced the “pickup” logic for when single (not stackable) items will be dropped (would have made them into stacks).

Containers (Chests)
* (Fix) When moving across items (double-click on item in chest) there was no “stack” checking. Would always add into a blank slot.
* (Fix) Couldn’t harvest an “empty” chest

* (Change) Marble and Steel blocks are no longer Actionable by the Player (that means they cannot be placed on the ground anymore). They might come back as actionable, Marble (not Steel). For the moment, concentrating on Brick. And yeah, “Wooden Crates” or whatevs, but they don’t count much at the moment :)

* (Update) Standardised the Pause and Unpause of Game when a window (Character, Container, Blueprint, Building) is opened/closed.
* (Update) Character window now opens at 0,0, and the Container and Building windows open to the right. Makes much more sense for dragging between the Inventory and Container/Building.
* (Fix) The Tool and Weapon HUD blocks would sometimes have a white background. Always silver now.
* (Add) Armor Durability HUD block added. Shows Armor pieces when 20% or below durability.

Character Window
* (Update) Durability is shown both in the Inventory and in the Equipment sections.
* (Change) Quantity of item in Inventory is moved from bottom left to top left of the inventory square.
* (Add) “Quantity” and “Durability” will now show in the Inventory display field.

* (Add) When you take damage, your armor will lose durability.

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