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The game screen
The game screen

You begin in the middle of a forest. All alone. Except for some sheep.

What to do?

First Harvest
First Harvest

Move your character (W A S D keys) over to the nearest tree.

Left click (and hold) on one of the “Leaf” blocks.

Congratulations! You have harvested your first block in Ballikin!

Once finished, press on the “Z” key to pickup everything around you that can be picked up, and then press the “C” key to bring up your Character Window.

Starting Character Window
Starting Character Window

To begin with, you won’t have much in your Inventory, but that’s okay! It won’t take you long to get some more stuff!

Keep harvesting Leaves until you get to Level 2. Then harvest enough Tree Trunks to create a Flyswat (see “Recipes” tab in the Character Window).

Ready to make a Flyswat!
Ready to make a Flyswat!

Once you’ve made the Flyswat, equip it (double-click on it in the Inventory, should automatically equip).

Flyswat equipped and ready!
Flyswat equipped and ready!

You are now armed and ready!

Go forth, harvesting blocks and attacking nasty things!

Ballikin is a 2d adventure game of epic proportions!

Can you save the kingdom of Serenity?

Download Ballikin now!

Ballikin - Dig, Build, Fight, Quest and do it all in 2d!

Recent Posts

Alpha 49 Build Notes

Character Window
* (Update) “Bad Snails” added to the Harmed and Killed totals on the screen.
* (Fix) Trying to “Equip” (double-click on) Bricks or other equippable blocks wasn’t working.

Player Select
* (Change) Health and Level values moved into the browse.

* (Change) Jotun “Follow” speed doubled (when they are chasing you they are faster than you!).
* (Add) Mob “Ages” have been added. They are: Young, Adult and Elder. At the moment, it only affects the max health of the mob, damage, experience given and the drop rates, but more to come!
* (Change) Follow speeds increased to compensate for the Player walk speed increase.

Drop Logic
* (Update) Still very much in early stages, has been upgraded to take into account mob “Age”. Will refine as we go along.

* (Change) Player walk speed increased.

* (Fix) The Blacksmith Cornerstone sprite wasn’t drawn correctly.

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