Alpha 49 Build Notes

Character Window
* (Update) “Bad Snails” added to the Harmed and Killed totals on the screen.
* (Fix) Trying to “Equip” (double-click on) Bricks or other equippable blocks wasn’t working.

Player Select
* (Change) Health and Level values moved into the browse.

* (Change) Jotun “Follow” speed doubled (when they are chasing you they are faster than you!).
* (Add) Mob “Ages” have been added. They are: Young, Adult and Elder. At the moment, it only affects the max health of the mob, damage, experience given and the drop rates, but more to come!
* (Change) Follow speeds increased to compensate for the Player walk speed increase.

Drop Logic
* (Update) Still very much in early stages, has been upgraded to take into account mob “Age”. Will refine as we go along.

* (Change) Player walk speed increased.

* (Fix) The Blacksmith Cornerstone sprite wasn’t drawn correctly.

Alpha 48 Build Notes

Game Start
* (Change) On loading a Player/World, all “keyboard shortcut” tips are shown.
* (Change) Create buttons on Player and World windows are default, so you can click the enter key when typing in the name and it will auto-click the create button.
* (Fix) If you created a player then deleted then created a player with the same name, you broke the game.
* (Fix) If you closed (clicked the red x) the Player or World Select/Create screens, the game would break.
* (Fix) The Copper Helmet image resources were not being cached properly on start.

* (Fix) Description text field should have been read-only.
* (Fix) Description field wasn’t being filled.

* (Fix) The Steel recipe was missing the “Coal” Ingredient.
* (Add) The “Healing Balm” item has been added. Heals you for 10% of your maximum health. Is “Actionable”, like a campfire, so is triggered by a right-click (after putting in the Action slot).
* (Add) The “Lantern” item has been added. Increases (doubles-ish) light radius in the dark.

* (Change) Pinkeye base damage increased from 2 to 5.
* (Change) The range for Copper Coins that can (percentage chance) drop from a Pinkeye increased to 1 – 10 (from 1-5).
* (Add) More items added into the mob drop logic (not just coins, and the paltry leaf or two from a Bad Snail).

* (Change) Base Density of the Trunk block decreased from 10 to 5.

* (Change) When you die, any experience you had (for the current level) is removed. So if you are halfway to level 11 when you die, you start back at level 10 with no experience towards level 11. There has to be a better way to say that!
* (Change) The amount of health given when levelling up has been decreased from 10 to 6.
* (Update) Experience Levels tweaked a little.

Character Window
* (Change) You can no longer “minus” the character points to move them around. Once you add the point to an attribute, it stays!
* (Change) The “plus” character point buttons only appear when there are points to distribute.
* (Fix) If you used the Recipe Type dropdown, all of that type of recipes would show.
* (Fix) When changing the Recipe Type dropdown, the newly “top” record in the browse will have the correct info (Image + Description) showing.

* (Fix) The reporting on what the Player picked up was not correctly totalling the items picked up.
* (Add) When outside of the player radius (approx 3 blocks) if you right-click on a block, or a mob, a popup will give you information on what you’ve clicked on.
* (Update) The yellow “selected” square logic (that follows the mouse) has been upgraded. Should be an increase in speed of drawing the square.
* (Add) Any damage you give is now displayed on screen for a couple of seconds. Critical Hits are displayed differently, and if you Dodge (you need at least one point in Dexterity to be able to Dodge or perform a Critical Hit) you get told too. Also, Experience given is “popped up”. And when you use a Healing Balm, the amount healed is popped up.

* (Add) You can now resize the Ballikin window. This is very experimental at the moment, and may result in badness and will definitely slow your game down.
* (Change) A lot of the “in game” graphics have increased in proportions. Blocks mainly, have gone up from 12×12 to 16×16 pixels. This means LESS on the normal screen, but with the ability now to increase the size of the window, it means you can make your window big. This is a big deal, I think.

* (Change) “Upgrade” and “Enhance” tabs removed.
* (Add) “Breakdown” tab added.

* (Change) The light radius for Torches has been changed from 3 to 5.

World Generation
* (Fix) When checking whether a Sentient could be placed, there was bad code when checking the “Feet” blocks, was using the Block X, rather than (Block X – 1)*Block Width to get the actual XPos. — this may not be totally fixed, blurg —

Terrain Generation
* (Change) Rarity (how far out you need to go) for Gold and Silver reduced.
* (Change) Number of deposits, and the blocks per deposit for Copper and Iron have been reduced. This means less of them in a world.

* (Change) A couple of minor changes to the Sentient Pathing logic. It’s not great, needs to be better, but not sure how to do that yet.

Alpha 47 Build Notes

The Blacksmith Cornerstone placed!

The Blacksmith Cornerstone placed!

* (Fix) Leaf Cuirass recipe had the name “Leaf Cap”.
* (Fix) When loading a player/world after the first time (back to main window, then load again), there were no Recipes loaded.

Game Data
* (Update) Game Data file is now encrypted. Yowza, why wasn’t this already done?
* (Change) Names of some oome of the blocks changed (mostly “nugget” changed to “Block”).
* (Add) “Objects” added into the Game Data file. These are all the items (including blocks) in Ballikin. Kind of a base base object data file, used for Name and Description retrieval mostly at the moment.

* (Add) The Blueprint interface (right-click on the Kingdom Flag) now allows for the creation of Cornerstones, which are used to signify specific buildings. The first blueprint is for a Blacksmith.

* (Add) The product of a Blueprint is a Cornerstone. First one is a Blacksmith.

* (Add) You can now build a Blacksmith! At the moment, only the Repair function of the Blacksmith is working.

Repairing in the Blacksmith!

Repairing in the Blacksmith!

Inventory Management
* (Fix) Enhanced the “pickup” logic for when single (not stackable) items will be dropped (would have made them into stacks).

Containers (Chests)
* (Fix) When moving across items (double-click on item in chest) there was no “stack” checking. Would always add into a blank slot.
* (Fix) Couldn’t harvest an “empty” chest

* (Change) Marble and Steel blocks are no longer Actionable by the Player (that means they cannot be placed on the ground anymore). They might come back as actionable, Marble (not Steel). For the moment, concentrating on Brick. And yeah, “Wooden Crates” or whatevs, but they don’t count much at the moment :)

* (Update) Standardised the Pause and Unpause of Game when a window (Character, Container, Blueprint, Building) is opened/closed.
* (Update) Character window now opens at 0,0, and the Container and Building windows open to the right. Makes much more sense for dragging between the Inventory and Container/Building.
* (Fix) The Tool and Weapon HUD blocks would sometimes have a white background. Always silver now.
* (Add) Armor Durability HUD block added. Shows Armor pieces when 20% or below durability.

Character Window
* (Update) Durability is shown both in the Inventory and in the Equipment sections.
* (Change) Quantity of item in Inventory is moved from bottom left to top left of the inventory square.
* (Add) “Quantity” and “Durability” will now show in the Inventory display field.

* (Add) When you take damage, your armor will lose durability.

Alpha 46 Build Notes

* (Change) Removed the “Manual” tab.

* (Fix) The Coin procedures were using SHORTs instead of LONGs, which meant once you had too much money, you couldn’t use it! Haw haw.

* (Add) The Kingdom Flag is now visible, in the center of your Kingdom.

* (Add) You can access the Blueprints interface by right-clicking on the Kingdom Flag. The “interface” is a blank window at the moment, so you know, you get what you pay for .

Dear Old Man Bajo – An Indie Game Letter

We are big fans of Good Game SP in our home. They are the aussie Rock Paper Shotgun. If RPS was a tv show.

Dear Old Man Bajo and the Always Effervescent Hex,

Please put on your most excellent glasses of awesome, do some stretches and rub ointment on your arthritic playing fingers .. So that you can take a look at Ballikin, a 2d Game of epic proportions!

Let’s start with the most amazing reason why you should be dropping those fancy “we have a team of developers” and “we have vertexes” games in favour of Ballikin:

* Ballikin is the first game in history that has Pinkeyes.

That’s right, you heard correct. Ballikin has Pinkeyes. Nasty creatures.

This alone should be enough.

But if you want more reasons to take up your valuable gaming time, here we go:

* Kid-friendly.
* Adult-friendly.
* Not pinkeye-friendly.
* You can harvest stuff; be like death (the Pratchett one) with his scythe.
* You can make a flyswat!
* Lots of features incoming. Important stuff like making cakes and talking to npcs about the weather.

Also, just in case you were wondering:

* High definition images made in the best icon editor going around.
* Mind-altering audio assets created right here in our very own dining-room-converted-to-an-office.

Let’s get serious.

If you like the game, we will pay you five doll-hairs (the greatest – although it’s not a big list of good ones – David Spade line ever).

But seriously, we believe in Ballikin. It’s the game we started making so that we could make the game we really wanted to, but lately it’s turned into something special.

So, @bajopants and @hexsteph, if you find Ballikin to your liking, get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if possible, get some exposure through what you do.

(Ballikin has been developed by me, @stuandrews, with lots and lots of input from my five kids. We love games.)

Alpha 45 Build Notes

* (Change) Stone required for Marble reduced from 5 to 1.
* (Change) Stone required for Stone Pickaxe increased from 3 to 5.
* (Add) New Recipes added for Copper Pickaxe, Copper Sword, Steel Pickaxe and Steel Axe.
* (Change) The experience you get when you “Make All” is the same as when you “Make One”. That is, it’s the xp for making a single item.

Copper Sword and Pickaxes!

Copper Sword and Pickaxes!

World Select
* (Fix) Filter on the worlds was missing, so they all showed (regardless of which Player created them).

Game Data/Resources
* (Update) BIG BIG BIG. There is a game data file that contains the Audio files, and Recipes (and much more as we go onwards). This enables me to ship out resources without having images and other files just sitting there on your machine in folders. Images are stored in the exe itself.

* (Change) Overall increases in difficulty for Jotun, Demiwere and Bad Snails. Increased numbers for all enemy mobs. All enemy mobs have had their from and to “levels” increased a little, mostly the “to” increased.

* (Fix) When working out how much density to remove from the block, the code had been using the default power values for the tool, rather than the power value of the tool itself.
* (Update) You can no longer harvest a chest with items in it.

* (Add) When you discover a Waypoint, you get experience!

* (Update) “Hurt” sound will play when a Player steps on Lava.
* (Update) The amount of health that Lava periodically (quickly!) takes from a Player is increased from 10 to 15.
* (Change) When generating a new world, the Lava is now placed BEFORE the Ores.
* (Add) Chests are now randomly spawned into the Desert biome. They can possibly contain Coins, Blocks, Tools and Weapons.

Chest Spawning in the Desert!

Chest Spawning in the Desert!

* (Fix) When saving the Inventory, if the item was of type “Tool”, the code at one point used temp_Armor instead of temp_Tool. Bad code!

* (Fix) Doors and Campfires would not load on the second “load” after they had been placed.
* (Fix) Only one Chest would ever load (even if there were multiple chests in the world).

Picking Up Items
* (Add) When you pick up items, a message shows you what you picked up.

* (Update) Load window shown for the loading in of the player and world files (before the “Player” and “World” are chosen).

Showing Sentient Names
* (Add) When you press “X” (show items), it also shows you the names of any Sentients around.

Mob Names

Mob Names

Alpha 44 Build Notes

Blocks, Deposits
* (Change) Max number of Copper blocks in a region changed from 20 to 25. Max number of Iron blocks changed from 15 to 18. Max number of Silver blocks changed from 8 to 10. Max number of Gold blocks changed from 4 to 5.
* (Change) Rarity (which is based around radius from center) of Copper decreased from 110 to 95, and Iron decreased from 160 to 130.

* (Fix) Waypoints were not being saved to the game data file correctly.
* (Update) The surrounding blocks will now always be of the default Region biome.

Saving Game
* (Change) The code that adds in any changes to the Terrain has been updated to use a MUCH better function for pushing the xml substring back into the main xml data file. This _may_ solve the problem where the Terrain is mixed up between Regions (striated lines of different region blocks).
* (Fix) Non Block Blocks (yeah, I called them that) like Campfires, Doors and Chests were not being saved to the data file correctly.

Character Window
* (Fix) When clicking on a Recipe, the Description of certain things was not showing correctly (was using the Item description field in some parts of logic, instead of Recipe).
* (Fix) When double-clicking on a piece of armor (that wasn’t head, chest or feet), nothing would happen. There was no code to take care of all the other pieces of armor (and other equipment). Fixed.
* (Fix) On opening the window, the auto-display of Equipped items was not taking into account things like Hands and Legs (basically the code hadn’t been entered yet).

* (Fix) The “Saved Game” message (happens on quick-save, F5) was longer than the background when shown. This was a generic problem with all messages and their length (shorter ones didn’t have a wide enough background.

Sentient Repopulate
* (Fix) The code that checked how many Sentients there were in a Region BEFORE re-populating was not counting correctly, the total was always zero. So there would always be a full re-populate, on top of the existing. YES!

Alpha 43 Build Notes

Harvesting / Equipment Durability
* (Possible Fix) There was a game-freeze issue that could occur when two equipped tools would break at or around (yes yes) the same time. Could semi-reliably replicate. Made some code changes. Now cannot replicate at all. BUT I don’t think this means it’s fixed.
* (Fix) Was using a temp “Item” class instead of “Tool”. This was causing at least two of the gpfs (was in two separate places). Incidentally, the bad code was causing the durability of both Tools (if you wielded two at the same time) to decrease at twice the rate they should have (basically, was considering it as one tool).

* (Update) Messaging functionality and look updated. Basically, most messages are passed without any coords, and so are taken care of by the default messaging system, which will show them down the screen, moving them up as the top one is removed.

* (Add) When a game is first loaded, random “Tips” are shown.

* (Fix) The Waypoints were being loaded in the Player Init, which comes before the Terrain Init, but now with the new terrain logic, it only makes sense to load them AFTER the Terrain init. Basically, they weren’t working as they should have been.

* (Add) Your Kingdom has arrived, kind of! At the moment, your kingdom is denoted by a big silver radius.
* (Update) No enemy mobs are able to spawn inside the Kingdom (but they can wander/follow in.

* (Update) Kingdom (radius) now shown on map.
* (Change) Size of map window reduced, fits better within game window.
* (Update) Pressing “M” while in the map window will close it (as should ESC and clicking the red x).

Repopulation of Sentients
* (Fix, possibly) Possible fix of the slowdown that occurs when day/night happens and the sentients are repopulated. Mobs. Why can’t I call them mobs?

Alpha 41 Build Notes

Save Files
* (Fix) Forgot to uncomment out the “Save Containers + Player Blocks” code which had been commented for testing.

Game Items
* (Change) Instead of using a bunch of fields for referencing, used just one as a pointer to whatever kind of class instance it is.

* (Fix) Containers, Doors and Campfires were not being loaded into the game (well, they were trying, via an old function, looking for a non-existent file).

Player and Game Start Windows
* (Update) When deleting a Player or Game World, removes the new physical data files (when Player deleted, has to remove any child Game World files).