Coming Soon to Ballikin

So I’ve got a rough plan for the Alpha-Beta-Release schedule. Very rough.

But it might be a good idea to share some of these things. Actually, obviously, sharing is good! Definitely need an FAQ page.

Anywho, these are some of what I’d like to get done before moving into Beta.

* Doors
* Torches
* Experience / Levelling
* More Sentients (both friendly NPC-type folk and critters and non-friendlys)
* Skills (A number of trees are planned)
* Harvesting and Creating Abilities (limits what blocks you can harvest and what recipes you can create)
* Coins / Currency
* Item Drops
* Character Equipment Slots
* Character Stats
* More Biomes (Desert, Tundra, ..)
* Monsters sent to get you at night

Wowza. That list gets me excited. And scared. And a bit freaked out.

I’ve left off some of the big ticket ones, just cause I’m not sure exactly WHEN they will get in. But they are pretty cool. I think.

** Will be interesting to see how this list goes down the track, how much got done, what changed.

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