Alpha 48 Build Notes

Game Start
* (Change) On loading a Player/World, all “keyboard shortcut” tips are shown.
* (Change) Create buttons on Player and World windows are default, so you can click the enter key when typing in the name and it will auto-click the create button.
* (Fix) If you created a player then deleted then created a player with the same name, you broke the game.
* (Fix) If you closed (clicked the red x) the Player or World Select/Create screens, the game would break.
* (Fix) The Copper Helmet image resources were not being cached properly on start.

* (Fix) Description text field should have been read-only.
* (Fix) Description field wasn’t being filled.

* (Fix) The Steel recipe was missing the “Coal” Ingredient.
* (Add) The “Healing Balm” item has been added. Heals you for 10% of your maximum health. Is “Actionable”, like a campfire, so is triggered by a right-click (after putting in the Action slot).
* (Add) The “Lantern” item has been added. Increases (doubles-ish) light radius in the dark.

* (Change) Pinkeye base damage increased from 2 to 5.
* (Change) The range for Copper Coins that can (percentage chance) drop from a Pinkeye increased to 1 – 10 (from 1-5).
* (Add) More items added into the mob drop logic (not just coins, and the paltry leaf or two from a Bad Snail).

* (Change) Base Density of the Trunk block decreased from 10 to 5.

* (Change) When you die, any experience you had (for the current level) is removed. So if you are halfway to level 11 when you die, you start back at level 10 with no experience towards level 11. There has to be a better way to say that!
* (Change) The amount of health given when levelling up has been decreased from 10 to 6.
* (Update) Experience Levels tweaked a little.

Character Window
* (Change) You can no longer “minus” the character points to move them around. Once you add the point to an attribute, it stays!
* (Change) The “plus” character point buttons only appear when there are points to distribute.
* (Fix) If you used the Recipe Type dropdown, all of that type of recipes would show.
* (Fix) When changing the Recipe Type dropdown, the newly “top” record in the browse will have the correct info (Image + Description) showing.

* (Fix) The reporting on what the Player picked up was not correctly totalling the items picked up.
* (Add) When outside of the player radius (approx 3 blocks) if you right-click on a block, or a mob, a popup will give you information on what you’ve clicked on.
* (Update) The yellow “selected” square logic (that follows the mouse) has been upgraded. Should be an increase in speed of drawing the square.
* (Add) Any damage you give is now displayed on screen for a couple of seconds. Critical Hits are displayed differently, and if you Dodge (you need at least one point in Dexterity to be able to Dodge or perform a Critical Hit) you get told too. Also, Experience given is “popped up”. And when you use a Healing Balm, the amount healed is popped up.

* (Add) You can now resize the Ballikin window. This is very experimental at the moment, and may result in badness and will definitely slow your game down.
* (Change) A lot of the “in game” graphics have increased in proportions. Blocks mainly, have gone up from 12×12 to 16×16 pixels. This means LESS on the normal screen, but with the ability now to increase the size of the window, it means you can make your window big. This is a big deal, I think.

* (Change) “Upgrade” and “Enhance” tabs removed.
* (Add) “Breakdown” tab added.

* (Change) The light radius for Torches has been changed from 3 to 5.

World Generation
* (Fix) When checking whether a Sentient could be placed, there was bad code when checking the “Feet” blocks, was using the Block X, rather than (Block X – 1)*Block Width to get the actual XPos. — this may not be totally fixed, blurg —

Terrain Generation
* (Change) Rarity (how far out you need to go) for Gold and Silver reduced.
* (Change) Number of deposits, and the blocks per deposit for Copper and Iron have been reduced. This means less of them in a world.

* (Change) A couple of minor changes to the Sentient Pathing logic. It’s not great, needs to be better, but not sure how to do that yet.

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