Alpha.13 Build Notes

* You might want to start a new Player and Game with this build. *


* (Add) Rest of the slots added to the Equipment tab in the Character Screen.
* (Update) When you put an item from the Inventory into an Equipment slot, the item is removed from the Inventory.
* (Update) When you remove an item from an Equipment slot, the item is added into the Inventory.
* (Fix) Double-clicking on an item in the Inventory would always move the item to the Equipment slot (if viable) and continue to decrement the quantity until zero.

Equipment Slots!

So many equipment slots!

Stone Pickaxes
* (Add) Added into the game.

The Stone Pickaxe

Ahhh, the trusty Pickaxe!

Wooden Crates
* (Add) Wooden Crates added in. Made from Tree Trunks.

Wooden Crates!

Where would a game be without wooden crates?

Character Screen
* (Change) “Stats” tab changed to “Totals”. Confusing with the actual character stats (STR, DEX, ..).

Classes (Coding)
* (Add) Item class added. Most everything (not Sentients) now uses this as parent, instead of Object.

* (Add) The Harvesting Ability is now in play. All blocks now have a minimum Harvesting level. And all blocks, when harvested, will increase your Harvesting level if your level is within the boundaries for that block. So basically, you can’t mine Gold until you have a certain Harvesting level.
* (Add) When a Pickaxe is equipped the number of hits needed to harvest is decreased, based on the type of the Pickaxe. Soon I want to make it also based on the Harvesting level.

* (Add) Basic messaging system in place to notify the Player of stuff.


Messaging feedback is goooood

More Feedback

More feedback

Block History
* (Fix) The save file name wasn’t being correctly primed.

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