Alpha 21 Build Notes

* (Change) Pinkeye base damage is now 2 (was 1).

* (Add) The mysterious and solitary Jotun can now be seen in the outer regions of Serenity. Be wary! They are large and can cause great damage.

A Jotun

Large, angry and very dangerous. The Jotun are giant-like creatures who live in solitude.

* (Fix) When standing still and harvesting/attacking and not having boots on would cause your feet to disappear!

World Map
* (Add) A World Map has been added (button on HUD or the “M” key). Shows what Regions you have discovered Waypoints for and the location of said Waypoints.

HUD Map Button

The "World Map" button on the HUD (you can also press "M")

World Map

The World Map, showing Player location and known Waypoints

* (Fix) The Block History logging was growing longer the more the Player travelled about the World. Now saves much quicker (and betterer!).

Terrain Generation
* (Update) Trees should no longer spawn -around- the Player. They will still spawn around all sorts of other things though. The wonderful mystical whimsy of the Kingdom of Serenity!

Character Screen
* (Fix) Double-clicking to equip an item where there was already an item in the Equipment slot would result in the item going nowhere.

* (Update) Inventory sorted by Name and searchable (filtered search).

Inventory Sort + Search

Must be a slow news day. Inventory sorts by name and searchable (filtered)!

Leaf Armor
* (Add) Leaf Armor, Cap and Cuirass have been added.

Leaf Armor

Leaf Armor, Cap and Cuirass, help you go green!


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