Alpha.9 Build Notes

Day/Night Cycle
* (Add) Visual indicator can now be seen on the HUD.

Day/Night Visual Indicator

Awww, the Sun and the Moon!

Light Radius
* (Fix) When there were multiple Game records, depending on which Game was loaded, the code could think you were inside when you were outside.

Deleting Player/Game Records
* (Add) You can now delete Player (which will cacade and delete all Games for that Player also) and Game records. Beware! Once gone, they are gone.

Game Clock
* (Change) Adjusted clock tick down from 0.8 seconds to 0.5 seconds. That is, a faster day/night cycle.

* (Change) Upped the range for populating Pinkeyes in Caves to 40-55.
* (Fix) Pinkeyes were sometimes not being added correctly to Cave biomes.

* (Add) A very basic pathfinding logic is in, for the Pinkeyes at the moment. Hope to get it a little better the next build, the most pressing issue is the “diagonal around a block” movement isn’t working.

Pathfinding with Pinkeyes!

Don't. Turn. Around.

Class Structure
* (Update) Base Objects now use correct classes instead of all being the class Object. Classes are: Player, Sentient, Block and .. Object. Still need to add Item class.
* (Add) Block class added. Whereas before the Object class was used for all blocks.

Sentient Health
* (Update) The drawing logic for health (when below full) for Sentients (at the moment only Sheep and Pinkeyes) has been updated. Now fits within the width of the Sentient.

Health Bar on Pinkeyes

Health fading. Fading. Rising! Fading. Gone.

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