Ballikin - Dig, Build, Fight, Quest and do it all in 2d!

Story (About)

Six hundred and forty-three years ago the kingdom of Serenity was plunged into chaos at the betrayal and death of their beloved King and Queen.

King James’ brother Rufus, the architect and implementer of this betrayal, was also thought to have died in the destruction of the White Palace, the crown jewel of Serenity.

Now, hundreds of years later, a new evil has surfaced, Lord Ballikin.

He is seeking the nine Chosen Ones for some dark purpose. The Chosen Ones are scattered throughout the lands of Serenity.

Can you find them in time, before Lord Ballikin?

Can you save the kingdom of Serenity?

Made By

Stu Andrews (Site, Twitter, Tumblr)

Many Thanks

My Wife and Kids – Without whom this game would not exist.

MG – For the countless bits and pieces of help, both in coding and design. You rock!

Mike – You sleuthed out so many bugs I thought this was a horror movie!



We love Minecraft. There are five accounts in our household, and they get play-time every week!

The idea that you could have a world where every block could be taken and changed or placed somewhere else – how awesome is that!

Not to mention the vastness.

I want Ballikin to reflect something of that awesomeness.


Still one of my favourite games, not to mention memories. The first time I saw a friend playing this game where loot dropped and creatures came at you out of the darkness. Wow. It just .. Wow.

Ballikin is going to reflect some of the action element of Diablo.


Terraria broke over Steam like a gigantic tidal wave (well, it definitely stormed into our house). This 2d game with so much depth and that element of exploration and DIGGING that Minecraft had.

Terraria had, like Minecraft, a Day/Night cycle. But in Terraria it seemed to me, maybe because of the 2d thing (but mostly because the zombies were pointed at you), more focussed.

Ballikin is going to have a similar mechanic with it’s Day/Night cycle.

World of Warcraft

I played a lot of WoW (do I really need to put the lowercase “o”?). A lot. Too much. It’s an amazing game, and I love it to bits.

One thing that I always liked was how your profession level increased with usage.

The first builds of Ballikin had (implemented and planned) Harvesting and Creating levels.

But ..

Guild Wars 2

Then recently (Sept 2012) Guild Wars 2 rode into the gaming arena like a White Knight on a shining Black Horse-Of-Awesome.

Now in Ballikin, everything you do gives you experience.

Ahhh, Guild Wars 2. How I love thee.

And Onwards

As your level increases so does your ability to Harvest and to Create. There are no individual levels for harvesting or creating.