Alpha.14 Build Notes

You will need to start a new Game to see the Desert biome

* (Change) The Harvesting skill increase from Leaves has been increased from 0.2 to 0.3.
* (Change) The Harvesting skill increase from Dirt has been increased from 0.2 to 0.4.
* (Change) The Harvesting Level of Coal has been decreased from 30 to 20.
* (Add) Harvesting Level logic added for Cactus, Brick, Marble and Steel blocks.

* (Add) Desert biome added, fresh with Cactii plants! You have to start a new game to have the Desert biome added to your Regions.

Desert Biome

The swirling sands of time and .. yellow!

* (Add) Bodies of Water (Water blocks) can now be found in the Forest biome. Cannot be moved over (yet).


Ahhh, nothing like kicking back next to the ol' lake

* (Add) Lava block added. Can be walked over. Will harm Player.


Ouch! Lava is dangerous .. One Player died as a result of taking this screenshot!

Sentient Health
* (Update) “Health” field is now “Health Current” and “Health Max”.
* (Add) Player Health (Current and Max) now saved, although the Current health will always be full when a game is loaded.

* (Change) Altered the order of generation in Forests (Water -> Trees -> Sheep) and Caves (Pathways -> Caverns -> Ores -> Gems -> Lava -> Pinkeyes).
* (Add) Cactus plants will be generated in the Desert biome.

Character Screen
* (Change) “Abilities” tab changed to “Character”.
* (Add) “Health” section added.
* (Update) If the selected Inventory item cannot be an Action, then the “Make Selected Action” button is disabled.

* (Update) The Tool icon is now updated according to what is in the Tool Equipment slot (looks at 1 then 2).

Tool HUD

The HUD now shows your equipped tool

* (Update) The “Character Screen” button now has an image of the Player (rather than the phrase “Chr”).

Character Button

Should be a bit more obvious now what this button is for (the Character Screen)

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