Dear Old Man Bajo – An Indie Game Letter

We are big fans of Good Game SP in our home. They are the aussie Rock Paper Shotgun. If RPS was a tv show.

Dear Old Man Bajo and the Always Effervescent Hex,

Please put on your most excellent glasses of awesome, do some stretches and rub ointment on your arthritic playing fingers .. So that you can take a look at Ballikin, a 2d Game of epic proportions!

Let’s start with the most amazing reason why you should be dropping those fancy “we have a team of developers” and “we have vertexes” games in favour of Ballikin:

* Ballikin is the first game in history that has Pinkeyes.

That’s right, you heard correct. Ballikin has Pinkeyes. Nasty creatures.

This alone should be enough.

But if you want more reasons to take up your valuable gaming time, here we go:

* Kid-friendly.
* Adult-friendly.
* Not pinkeye-friendly.
* You can harvest stuff; be like death (the Pratchett one) with his scythe.
* You can make a flyswat!
* Lots of features incoming. Important stuff like making cakes and talking to npcs about the weather.

Also, just in case you were wondering:

* High definition images made in the best icon editor going around.
* Mind-altering audio assets created right here in our very own dining-room-converted-to-an-office.

Let’s get serious.

If you like the game, we will pay you five doll-hairs (the greatest – although it’s not a big list of good ones – David Spade line ever).

But seriously, we believe in Ballikin. It’s the game we started making so that we could make the game we really wanted to, but lately it’s turned into something special.

So, @bajopants and @hexsteph, if you find Ballikin to your liking, get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if possible, get some exposure through what you do.

(Ballikin has been developed by me, @stuandrews, with lots and lots of input from my five kids. We love games.)

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