Alpha.10 Build Notes

* (Add) Sentient Actions are now in, for the moment they happen at the same time as the Player Action.
* (Add) When a Pinkeye gets within a certain distance of the Player they attack and take health from the Player.

Battling the Pinkeyes

Fighting for my life!

* (Add) Being around a Campfire will heal a Player (if their health is below full).

Getting some rest

Ahhh, basking in the glow of the Campfire

* (Change) Lowered the Rarity (distance) of Coal from 80 to 60.

Character Screen
* (Add) Recipe “Type” filter dropdown added.

Block History
* (Add) Player Block History is now saved. Events saved are Blocks Walked On, Harvested and Placed (including Campfires).

Block History

After exiting the game and then loading again, my Campfire is there!

Sentient Pathfinding
* (Update) Increased the logic so that diagonal movement across non-moveable blocks is not allowed. However, strange behaviour can be exhibited by the following Pinkeye. Haven’t narrowed down why yet.

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