Alpha.12 Build Notes

Mouse Clicks
* (Fix) When moving diagonally the Right Mouse “down click” could stay on indefinitely (meaning that if you had an active block, say Brick, it would place itself down until you ran out).

* (Add) Campfires now give off light.

Block Placement
* (Update) You can now place Campfires underneath yourself, but Blocks cannot be placed in any block that the Player is currently in.

* (Add) Equipment slots added in (Sentient Class, Character Screen).

* (Add) Torches added in, can be equipped into the “Light Source” Equipment slot. Double-clicking a torch in the Inventory will add it to the “Light Source” equipment slot. Double-clicking on the “Light Source” equipment slot will remove the torch.

Equipment Slots!

You can equip a Torch!

Light Radius without a Torch

Light Radius without a Torch

Light Radius with a Torch

Light Radius with a Torch

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