Alpha 24 Build Notes

* (Change) Removed the Creating and Harvesting abilities.
* (Change) Harvesting, Creating and Combat (potentially) receive experience.
* (Add) Experience bar appears next to the health bar on screen.
* (Add) Popups added for Health and Experience bars.

XP Bar + Popup

The Experience Bar and it’s Popup

Items On Ground
* (Change) Only those that are visible will be drawn.

* (Change) Levels adjusted down for Coal, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold.
* (Change) BIG CHANGE .. No more Harvesting Ability, so all Harvesting checks are made against the Character level.

* (Change) Each Recipe now has a “Minimum Create Level”, meaning that until your character level equals or surpasses that number, you won’t see the Recipe in the list.

* (Add) Every 5 minutes the game will repopulate the sentient creatures throughout the world.

* (Update) For all the fiduciary gurus out there, the currency system has been born. Gold, Silver and Copper are all working together as one. So if you have a Gold coin, it effectively amounts to 10,000 Coppers (or whatever the exchange rate is).

* (Update) Area around the Player will always be cleared when first loading the game.

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