Alpha 23 Build Notes

Lots of internal behind-the-scenes stuff in this build. Faster saving. More sound effects .. Screeeee!

File Location
* (Change) Changed back from COMMON_APPDATA to APPDATA . Was causing some issues (not running as admin, even though installed with admin rights?, so that the FM3 UPG file was not being opened) that I’m too lazy to fix.

* (Change) Installer location for resources changed from COMMON_APPDATA to APPDATA.

Wooden Pickaxe
* (Add) Added in a wooden pickaxe. Obviously a little easier to get than the stone pickaxe.

* (Update) “Quantity In Hand” column added to the Ingredients browse on the Recipes tab. Shows how much of whatever you have in your inventory.

* (Add) Save progress window functionality added.
* (Update) Block History now only saves new history, dramatically reducing the save time (was noticeable after playing for a decent amount of time).

Terrain Loading
* (Update) Made changes to code which checks if Tree is going to be within the Player and skips.

Sound Effects
* (Add) Basic “Hit” effects added in for Sheep, Pinkeyes, Demiweres and Jotun.
* (Add) “Pickup” effect added.

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