Alpha 44 Build Notes

Blocks, Deposits
* (Change) Max number of Copper blocks in a region changed from 20 to 25. Max number of Iron blocks changed from 15 to 18. Max number of Silver blocks changed from 8 to 10. Max number of Gold blocks changed from 4 to 5.
* (Change) Rarity (which is based around radius from center) of Copper decreased from 110 to 95, and Iron decreased from 160 to 130.

* (Fix) Waypoints were not being saved to the game data file correctly.
* (Update) The surrounding blocks will now always be of the default Region biome.

Saving Game
* (Change) The code that adds in any changes to the Terrain has been updated to use a MUCH better function for pushing the xml substring back into the main xml data file. This _may_ solve the problem where the Terrain is mixed up between Regions (striated lines of different region blocks).
* (Fix) Non Block Blocks (yeah, I called them that) like Campfires, Doors and Chests were not being saved to the data file correctly.

Character Window
* (Fix) When clicking on a Recipe, the Description of certain things was not showing correctly (was using the Item description field in some parts of logic, instead of Recipe).
* (Fix) When double-clicking on a piece of armor (that wasn’t head, chest or feet), nothing would happen. There was no code to take care of all the other pieces of armor (and other equipment). Fixed.
* (Fix) On opening the window, the auto-display of Equipped items was not taking into account things like Hands and Legs (basically the code hadn’t been entered yet).

* (Fix) The “Saved Game” message (happens on quick-save, F5) was longer than the background when shown. This was a generic problem with all messages and their length (shorter ones didn’t have a wide enough background.

Sentient Repopulate
* (Fix) The code that checked how many Sentients there were in a Region BEFORE re-populating was not counting correctly, the total was always zero. So there would always be a full re-populate, on top of the existing. YES!

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