Alpha 43 Build Notes

Harvesting / Equipment Durability
* (Possible Fix) There was a game-freeze issue that could occur when two equipped tools would break at or around (yes yes) the same time. Could semi-reliably replicate. Made some code changes. Now cannot replicate at all. BUT I don’t think this means it’s fixed.
* (Fix) Was using a temp “Item” class instead of “Tool”. This was causing at least two of the gpfs (was in two separate places). Incidentally, the bad code was causing the durability of both Tools (if you wielded two at the same time) to decrease at twice the rate they should have (basically, was considering it as one tool).

* (Update) Messaging functionality and look updated. Basically, most messages are passed without any coords, and so are taken care of by the default messaging system, which will show them down the screen, moving them up as the top one is removed.

* (Add) When a game is first loaded, random “Tips” are shown.

* (Fix) The Waypoints were being loaded in the Player Init, which comes before the Terrain Init, but now with the new terrain logic, it only makes sense to load them AFTER the Terrain init. Basically, they weren’t working as they should have been.

* (Add) Your Kingdom has arrived, kind of! At the moment, your kingdom is denoted by a big silver radius.
* (Update) No enemy mobs are able to spawn inside the Kingdom (but they can wander/follow in.

* (Update) Kingdom (radius) now shown on map.
* (Change) Size of map window reduced, fits better within game window.
* (Update) Pressing “M” while in the map window will close it (as should ESC and clicking the red x).

Repopulation of Sentients
* (Fix, possibly) Possible fix of the slowdown that occurs when day/night happens and the sentients are repopulated. Mobs. Why can’t I call them mobs?

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