Alpha 37 Build Notes

– Recommended that you start a new Player also.

Rivers and Better Terrain

Rivers and Better Terrain

The World
* (Fix) The Player (that’s you!) could get stuck at the edges of the world.

Day/Night Cycle
* (Fix) In the code that removed the Sheep at night, the delete call was trying to delete from the BadSnail queue rather than the Snail queue (copy paste and didn’t change it).

* (Fix) When you click on a Waypoint, you no longer “action” (arms waving about).

* (Add) Rivers! The world will now have a small number of rivers traversing from top to bottom and left to right.
* (Add) BIG NEWS .. The world you start a game with is now saved and loaded! That is, the world no longer randomly generates each time you load it.
* (Add) The sides of the Regions are now “noisy”, or “not straight lines”.

* (Fix) When using waypoints, the incorrect Region record (for another Game!) could be chosen.
* (Update) “Order” field added to the Region file, so that for each Game, the Regions have a set order, across then down (x then y).

* (Fix) Some significant issues arising out of the new “Order” field above in Regions meant that a bit of dodgy Waypoint code was revealed. Basically was not filtering by Game, was just getting the first record in the file (if you had multiple Games, big problem).

* (Update) Intro Help image updated to new interface.

* (Fix) On exiting a game and then loading a game (without leaving the main game window), the Image Cache group was not being cleared, and would result in a GPF.

* (Update) Better placement logic on generation (now using standardised “can we place here” routine).

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