Alpha 36 Build Notes

Character Screen
* (Change) The ESC key will now close the window.
* (Change) Removing the two “Description” controls in the Character window. They were the cause of most of the slowness of opening and closing the character window.
* (Fix) The above change fixed a gpf that would occur when you clicked on an “empty” equipment slot which was active (Chest, Legs, Tools, Weapons, Hands, Head, Light Source).
* (Add) Simple text description controls for the Equipment/Inventory page and the Recipes page. These are TEMPORARY .. They don’t look nearly as nice as the html controls.
* (Change) The 49 Inventory square controls have been replaced with one. It’s beautiful.

* (Add) Popups now give a description of what the HUD panels are.
* (Change) Health and Experience popups no longer follow mouse. Same standard as the other HUD popups.

* (Change) The Game Clock started at year 1024. This was relative to the story .. But for the moment, changed to “0”. So that when you see the time string on the new HUD popup for the Day/Night cycle, it shows the actual time your character has been in the game. Also, you start everything on 0, rather than 1, except for the hour, which is 6 (am, so you start at the first morning).

* (Update) When a block is harvested next to Water or Lava there is a chance it will flow into the newly harvested space.

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