Alpha 34 Build Notes

Character Window
* (Fix) It was possible to try setting values in the Inventory with a zero-value ID lookup.

Terrain Generation
* (Fix) A lot of the terrain generation (particularly in Caves) was not properly checking to see if the block could be placed (that is, checking Player placed stuff, etc).
* (Update) When clearing the area around the player, player-placed things won’t be removed.
* (Update) Order of generation adjusted. Most things happen before player history is processed, but Trees happen after.

* (Fix) Campfires were not being displayed correctly when _inside_ the Player sight radius.
* (Add) Campfires now have their own light radius.

Player Placement
* (Change) I had turned off the ability to “keep placing” holding the right mouse button down. This was a silly decision. It’s now back, more intelligent hopefully (doesn’t continually open and close chests).

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