Alpha 33 Build Notes

* (Change) Embedded a UAC Manifest into the ballikin.exe file from the SetupBuilder installer NOT the app itself.

Start Windows (Player, World)
* (Change) Various changes, wording, pictures etc.
* (Update) If exited (key press ESC) then the main window will now close automatically.

* (Update) Logged added to the Audio init (sends to DebugView if any audio files do not exist).

* (Update) Incremented the file versions, hopefully help with the “errorcode 47” error people are experiencing.
* (Change) Images and Audio location changed from APPDATA to COMMON_APPDATA (again). Data (save games) kept in APPDATA (logged in user).

* (Add) Added an “Intro” page on the help window, which is a breakdown of the Ballikin screen (basic).

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