Alpha 38 Build Notes

* (Change) Durability of Wooden Pickaxes and Flyswats increased a little bit.

* (Fix) Even though a Recipe could not be made (showing red), there was a chance of a “1” showing (logic thought it could still make one).

* (Fix) The memory files were not being cleared on closing the game window (only when the main window was closed down). Now, when the game is disposed, the memory files are scoured clean also. Fixes some wierd stuff with Recipes and wotnot when you load a game again from the main screen.

* (Change) Instead of re-populating the Sentients both on the day/night cycle AND on a timer (was about every five real-world minutes), have removed the timer, so re-population only happens on the day/night cycle. This is in an effort to track down the “slowing” issue, also to keep things simple.

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