Writing Game Marketing

The best thing about coming up with something great to say about your game is that you get to think big, but crazy at the same time.

Let’s take what is on the frontpage of Ballikin.com.

“Ballikin is a game that takes the best bits of games like Minecraft, Diablo, Terraria and World of Warcraft to bring you something very special.”

Obviously that’s very subjective. What are the best bits? Well, to me they’re one thing (which is why I can say that statement above and it’s true, because I’m making the game from stuff I love to do in games). But to someone else, that might be complete hogwash.

The best bits?

3d graphics?

Massive multiplayer online?

Funky character creation?

Nope. None of the above.

Like I said, to me the best bits of those games are one thing. To you they might be another.

Hopefully, at some point, our best bits overlap and you can find in Ballikin something you like!