Alpha 31 Build Notes

* (Add) Wooden Chests are in the game. They are fairly inexpensive to make, but do require Stone, so will need to get beyond the first “suburb”. They don’t do anything except open and close at the moment. There is no “inventory” display/functionality.

Non Block Blocks
* (Change) So there used to be a queue that held “blocks” like Doors and Chests. As with the GameItems queue, GPFs could occur because there wasn’t any synch logic (accessing, reading/writing queue from multiple threads at same time). So it’s now a memory file. AND what is really cool is that using a LONG field in the file record, I can now store the address of the class instance.

* (Change) BIG CHANGE. All main windows (Game, Character, HUD) are now found within the one MDI frame. They are always open. Other windows like the Map and the Menu are still popups.

Terrain Generation
* (Update) Trees should no longer spawn near any Player-placed blocks. Pretty lame logic really, but will do for the moment (trying to stop trees from growing in your houses).
* (Update) Water has undergone a similar logic (but not exactly the same) as Trees.

* (Update) Info next to each of the character attributes (STR, DEX, CON).

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