Alpha 29 Build Notes

Steel Armor
* (Add) Steel armor has been added to the game (recipes). Helmet, Boots, Chest, Hands and Legs. Five pieces, as opposed to three for the Copper armor, and two for the Leaf armor.

* (Change) Some changes:
– Brick ingredient is 1 Dirt (down from 5).
– Steel ingredients are now 1 Iron and 1 Coal.
– Wooden Pickaxe no longer requires any Copper Coins.
– Wooden Pickaxe ingredients have been adjusted, 2 Trunks (down from 3), 5 Leaves (down from 10).
– Tree Trunk ingredient in “Wooden Block” is now 1 (down from 2).
* (Fix) In the Make Recipe code there was a possibility of using the old “qItems.GUID” field, without the queue record being retrieved.

* (Update) “Save” button enabled in the menu and now calls the “SaveGame” function. So you can save the game and IF (planning to fail) the game GPFs, your progress is saved.
* (Add) The standard quick-save “F5” key now saves the game.
* (Update) “SaveGame” function now lets you know the game was saved by putting a message on the game screen.

* (Update) Messages that were previously at the bottom left of the screen moved up to accommodate for the XP bar.
* (Fix) When a Tool is unequipped, the HUD is now notified correctly.

Game Items (Including Items)
* (Change) Removed the Items queue from the World class. Replaced with a series of Groups in the Game class AND a memory file for the “Game Items”. Game Items are made up of Armor, Weapons, Items, Trinkets and Tools. MASSIVE CHANGE. REALLY COOL. COOL BANANAS EVEN! UPPERCASE!

Item Pickup
* (Change) Removed the check on whether you were doing something else (and so were not allowed to “pickup” because of the GPF that would happen, because of the global items queue – which has been replaced with the memory file).

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