Alpha.20 Build Notes

Copper Armor
* (Add) Copper Armor (Helmet, Chest and Boots) is in! Huzzah!

Wearing Armor

I'm Orange!

Armor Equipment

Copper Helmet, Chestplate and Boots can be created and equipped!

* (Add) Each Region now has a Waypoint which when activated for the first time is saved. You can travel between Waypoints.


You can now fast travel around the World of Serenity!

Player Block History
* (Change) Water and Lava are no longer added to the history.

* (Change) Number of Tree Trunks needed to create a Wooden Crate reduced from 3 to 2.

Damage Calculations
* (Update) The Damage calculator now takes into account the total Armor (which is a combination of your Base AR and the pieces of Armor equipped.

* (Fix) While holding down the left mouse button and pressing “z” to pickup items on the ground, once letting go of “z” and then letting go of the left mouse button, the Player would continue to act.

* (Update) If you are dual-wielding weapons, both of them will show in the “Weapon” icon.


HUD now shows two weapons if you are wielding them!

Sentient Movement
* (Change) The “Can I Move” logic now only looks at the “Feet” blocks where the Sentient is trying to move to.
* (Change) Pathing logic improved.

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