Alpha.4 Build Notes

* (Update) The Flyswat can now be made, when you have the correct ingredients. It is placed in the Inventory (no use for it yet).
* (Add) “Campfire” recipe added. Once built can be selected as an Action and placed on the ground (grass or floor).

Object Class
* (Change) Removed the image cache and (astring) path fields out of the Object. Didn’t free up as much memory as hoped (only about 7 meg). So we’re down to 60 meg now.
* (Change) Took the Image functions out of here and placed them in the World class.

* (Change) Some changes to animation due to the removing of image fields from the Object. Not very good at the moment, needs a fair bit of work.

* (Change) Tree Trunk changed in appearance because for some reason the block wasn’t the full perimeter of the square (i think had something to do with the icon files being corrupted in Axialis Iconworkshop.

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