Alpha.1 Build Notes

* (Change) Removed Walking sound.
* (Change) Have to hold down the movement keys to move (as opposed to clicking once and moving, then clicking once again to stop – which only came about because I couldn’t reliably capture the “up” click of a button). The problem with capturing the “up” click of a button, because of the way the Clarion event+alert handler works, means that (I think) I need to sub-class the window to get my hands on the input events with speed and aclarity. Right now there is a delay when you first press down on one of the movement keys, simply because of how the heartbeat is clearing the movement flags each time and the keyboard event stutters at the start.

Terrain – Cave Biome
* (Add) Ores are now placed according to Rarity in Cave biomes. Rarity is the distance from the middle of the world to the block the ore *may* be placed in.
* (Add) Pathways are now bulldozed into Cave biomes. Two to four for both up-down and left-right.
* (Add) Caverns are now punched into Cave biomes. Between a max and min set in globals.
* (Info) The Ores are placed first, then Gems (which are not operational yet), then the Pathways are set, then the Caverns get punched.

* (Change) Game State is no longer changed to Paused when Inventory window is shown.
* (Change) No longer passing pTheGame, so that when the “I” key is pressed a start(Inventory_Browse) can be called instead of just Inventory_Browse(the:Game).
* (Change) Name of procedure changed from “Inventory_Browse” to “CharacterScreen” in preparation for future plans of placing tabs for “Character”, “Inventory”, “Building”, “Harvesting” and whatever else stuff needs to go in. Obviously this plan has to undergo testing to make sure it actually works in practice.
* (Add) “Select for Action” button added into Inventory so that you can select a Block item to be placed by Right-Click.

* (Change) “the:Game” declaration moved out of the “Main” procedure and placed in the global data embed of the application.

* (Change) The Action (Right-Click for the moment) is now taken from whatever item is “Selected” in the Inventory window.

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