Alpha 26 Build Notes

* (Update) Doors now correctly show as vertical or horizontal, and are set that way when put down (between blocks).

Block History
* (Fix) Doors could be overridden by Grass/Dirt/Sand.

* (Add) Attributes added into Player structure – STR, DEX, CON, SPD, WIS, INT.
* (Add) Following attribute functionality added in: STR – Damage, Power (planned); DEX – Critical Hit, Dodge; CON – Health Regen, Total Health.
* (Add) “Base Health” added, to help with calculating Max health.

* (Fix) Error in code (wasn’t remembering qItems position) when dropping items onto Equipment slots meant that incorrect items would be placed (and original would be overwritten).

* (Fix) When “Create All” clicked, was added all into one Inventory slot, regardless of whether the item was stackable or not.

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