Seeds and Pseudo Random Number Generators

It’s a brave new world.

KFC is no longer “Fried”.

Maccas has something called a “Frappe”.

(Yes yes, this is old news. But I’m at least 35 now. I remember tape drives.)

And I’ve discovered that you don’t have to save Terrain, you just need to PSUEDO generate it.

So I’m right now desperately trying to change my code from using random(low,high) to Get_Random(low,high), where the Get_Random function uses a Seed value to generate what is wanted.

As far as I understand at this point (which is not very far) the Seed value is the random value. It’s the ONLY value that is generated from a “random” sense.

Seed Value for PRNG

You can do more with Seeds than plant Trees!

This Seed value is stored in the Game file, which then remains the same every single time you load that Game. So although the Seed is random, it is only within the sphere of Games that this randomness is seen, not within a Game itself.

I haven’t yet made it work, not nearly. I’m nowhere smart enough to just “get it”. Have to work away until stumbling over the answer.

But so far, it’s positive movement for Ballikin. Being able to “save” games and load them back up in the same state, well .. that would be grande!

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