Alpha.7 Build Notes

Character Screen
* (Update) Background (colors) added to the Stats sections. Text made white. Will see how it goes.

* (Add) The first enemy (aggressive mob) is in! The Pinkeye! Not actually aggressive (move toward the Player) yet, and doesn’t actually attack the Player .. yet.

* (Fix) When single-clicking the left mouse button on something actionable (like a Pinkeye), TWO hits were being made. I’d forgotten about putting a “Do Action” function call in where the Input is checked AS WELL AS in the Heartbeat. Lame.

* (Change) Instead of creating separate .clw files for each class function (so lame, what was I thinking?) have grouped them together. Reduced number of files in dev folder drastically, and the C8 IDE has nice function folding for navigation niceness.

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