Alpha.6 Build Notes

* (Change) Shifted most resources and data (getting ready for saved games) to CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA.
* (Add) Added in FileManager3 in preparation for dealing with TPS files that will be used for Saved Games amongst other things.

Program Start
* (Add) Create and Select windows (and logic) added for Player and Game.

Create a new Player!

Creating a new Player is very easy

Create a new Game!

The Kingdom of Serenity needs You!

* (Add) Initial implementation has gone into the game. Save Game and Player information. Basically at the moment this is the Player Inventory.

* (Add) Sheep!


There be sheep about!

* (Add) “Stats” tab added to Character Screen. Looks at totals of Harvested Blocks (typed), Harmed Sheep and Killed Sheep. More on the way!

Stats are your friend

What? You hit sheep! Shame shame shame

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