Alpha 32 Build Notes

* (Change) Removed the “ThisWindow.Reset(1)” calls when the Game window notifies the Character window for refreshing the Totals and the Character tab info. Refreshing takes place on a field level.

Character Window
* (Fix) The background color of the equipment slots would alternate between gray and white. Made white for the now.
* (Change) “1” and “2” in the equipment slot titles have been changed to “Right” and “Left”.
* (Change) “Legs” and “Feet” equipment slots have swapped with the Tool slots.

* Started working on reducing the memory footprint. Cleared about 40-50 meg by making the Object / Block architecture leaner. The Block class used to have “Item” as a parent. Item has “Object” as a parent. Set the Block parent to “Object”, and created a new PlayerBlock class to handle the blocks that need more info than what the Block class gives.

* (Update) Min/Max numbers for a region decreased overall for Sheep, Pinkeyes and Bad Snails. This is because of speed. So once we get better code for pathfinding etc, then I can increase this number .. Maybe.

Day/Night Cycle
* (Update) Sheep are now removed at night-time (when it changes to night, and on loading a game where it is nighttime.

* (Update) AND WHAT AN UPDATE! Instead of “PlaySound”, and thanks to the most excellent MG (you know who you are), Ballikin is now using the MCI interface.
* (Add) New sounds: Player Hurt, Recipe Create, Tool Break.
* (Change) “Pickup” sound changed (was too loud).

* (Fix) Wowza. Removed a line of code that was supposed to be drawing black squares for the blocks outside of the sight-range .. when this was already being done elsewhere. HUGE speed increase. Lag gone.

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