I’m Actually Doing Something!

With Build 27 came the visible recognition of harvesting (and item durability).

The first time I harvested and the little “lifebar” appeared on a block, going downwards to nothing, my heart leapt!

In my Minecraft playing history, there was always the durability display.

But in Ballikin, my brain had been going thus far without any muscle memory of this, because it didn’t exist. Duh.

So, seeing the little bar appear and steadily shrink sent big-props-endorphins running to and through my brain. This is REALLY COOL!

It’s a visual recognition system.

I’m actually doing something!

Alpha 28 Build Notes

* (Change) Durability of some items changed. Flyswats down from 50 to 15. Wooden Pickaxe down from 50 to 30. Stone Pickaxe and Stone Sword down from 300 to 150. More adjusting will come as we find balance in the .. course?

* (Fix) “Make All” button was only ever making one if the item was not stackable.

* (Fix) Moved the “Z” key logic out of the Notifications and into the Event embed code .. Means that the Z key will now only work if no other keys are being pressed (or actions being done). Removes the GPF of global queue accessing. Obviously would be better to actually Critical Section the global queue. Obviously.

Alpha 27 Build Notes

* (Update) The density or life of a block is now shown when harvesting.
* (Update) Big change to the POWER function, which retrieves how much density to remove from a Block. This has led to an overall increase in Power (now includes the STR calculation).

Block Life!

Block Life!

* (Add) Durability added to Items (includes Weapons, Tools and Armor). Armor functionality not in yet. Weapons and Tools – Yes! Go team!
* (Add) Durability level shows on HUD (Inventory coming).

Item Durability

Item Durability

* (Change) Url changed from the wikia page to http://ballikin.com/manual/.

* (Fix) Shoddy dodgy coding had led to the possibility of a global queue being accessed at the same time from two or more places (without any of the wonderful Critical Section magic). Silly boy. I hope I’ve tracked them down, but have a niggling feeling there’s a few more places left.

Alpha 26 Build Notes

* (Update) Doors now correctly show as vertical or horizontal, and are set that way when put down (between blocks).

Block History
* (Fix) Doors could be overridden by Grass/Dirt/Sand.

* (Add) Attributes added into Player structure – STR, DEX, CON, SPD, WIS, INT.
* (Add) Following attribute functionality added in: STR – Damage, Power (planned); DEX – Critical Hit, Dodge; CON – Health Regen, Total Health.
* (Add) “Base Health” added, to help with calculating Max health.

* (Fix) Error in code (wasn’t remembering qItems position) when dropping items onto Equipment slots meant that incorrect items would be placed (and original would be overwritten).

* (Fix) When “Create All” clicked, was added all into one Inventory slot, regardless of whether the item was stackable or not.