Alpha 25 Build Notes

* (Update) Overhaul of the interface. Similar to the inventory, better placement, images for what is being made and for the ingredients.
* (Add) Filter for Recipes upgraded to include weapons, armor and tools (along with blocks and items).

The New Recipe Interface

The New Recipe Interface

* (Add) The invaluable Wooden Door has been added! When CLOSED it is impassable (not for long), when OPEN it’s .. open.

A couple of doors to keep out the bad guys!

A couple of doors to keep out the bad guys!

* (Change) Attack radius changed, and standardised (uses globals rather than actual number in code).

Block History
* (Update) Worked on the code, although it’s hard to know .. a bit too complicated. Placed blocks (eg. Wooden Crates) would go missing on save/load.

Bad Snails
* (Add) A new mob has been added .. watch out! Bad snails (they have red eyes, thusly, evil) come out at night (and hide away in the day). They have super-enhanced tracking ability, and won’t give up easily!

The red eyes .. Reeeeddddd eyeeeesss!

Mean and nasty, covered in slime .. Bad Snails!

* (Fix) On dying, the current health of the player is now set to their max health (as opposed to the level 1 beginning health).

Alpha 24 Build Notes

* (Change) Removed the Creating and Harvesting abilities.
* (Change) Harvesting, Creating and Combat (potentially) receive experience.
* (Add) Experience bar appears next to the health bar on screen.
* (Add) Popups added for Health and Experience bars.

XP Bar + Popup

The Experience Bar and it’s Popup

Items On Ground
* (Change) Only those that are visible will be drawn.

* (Change) Levels adjusted down for Coal, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold.
* (Change) BIG CHANGE .. No more Harvesting Ability, so all Harvesting checks are made against the Character level.

* (Change) Each Recipe now has a “Minimum Create Level”, meaning that until your character level equals or surpasses that number, you won’t see the Recipe in the list.

* (Add) Every 5 minutes the game will repopulate the sentient creatures throughout the world.

* (Update) For all the fiduciary gurus out there, the currency system has been born. Gold, Silver and Copper are all working together as one. So if you have a Gold coin, it effectively amounts to 10,000 Coppers (or whatever the exchange rate is).

* (Update) Area around the Player will always be cleared when first loading the game.

Alpha 23 Build Notes

Lots of internal behind-the-scenes stuff in this build. Faster saving. More sound effects .. Screeeee!

File Location
* (Change) Changed back from COMMON_APPDATA to APPDATA . Was causing some issues (not running as admin, even though installed with admin rights?, so that the FM3 UPG file was not being opened) that I’m too lazy to fix.

* (Change) Installer location for resources changed from COMMON_APPDATA to APPDATA.

Wooden Pickaxe
* (Add) Added in a wooden pickaxe. Obviously a little easier to get than the stone pickaxe.

* (Update) “Quantity In Hand” column added to the Ingredients browse on the Recipes tab. Shows how much of whatever you have in your inventory.

* (Add) Save progress window functionality added.
* (Update) Block History now only saves new history, dramatically reducing the save time (was noticeable after playing for a decent amount of time).

Terrain Loading
* (Update) Made changes to code which checks if Tree is going to be within the Player and skips.

Sound Effects
* (Add) Basic “Hit” effects added in for Sheep, Pinkeyes, Demiweres and Jotun.
* (Add) “Pickup” effect added.