The “I Lost Four Weeks to Skyrim” Build

Work on Ballikin has slowed to a crawl.

Without spending too much time on this, I can think of three reasons.

1. Skyrim

This game is stupidly fun. It’s genius-ly fun. It’s .. fun. So much fun.

2. Reached a point in development where I wasn’t sure which direction to take. Coupled with 1. meant things ground to a halt.

3. The honeymoon of feverish implementation is over.

Not great reasons, except Skyrim. Who wouldn’t lose hours to that game? Who! Noone I tells ya!

However, work on Ballikin has resumed, as of yesterday.

Have been trialling a “Resize/Maximise Window” functionality, but there are a few issues to iron out with it, so it won’t make it into the next build.

A new mob has been added, abiding in the Desert biome. It’s fast, dangerous and highly pain-tolerant (won’t run away until about 5% health).

Not sure when it will be out. Perhaps tomorrow. Want to try and get something else big in. Thinking about how to introduce proper crafting .. err, I mean Creating. A Table.

Or the “Mobs move towards you at night” feature. Won’t that be nice.

Lates! (Community .. look it up)

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