Alpha 19 Build Notes

Because of the work done on the “Item” section of the game engine, you will want to start a new Player for this build.

* (Fix) Campfires were not able to be selected as the Action.
* (Fix) Campfires were not being drawn correctly.


Ahhh. Finally. Some rest.

* (Update) Weapon and Item classes are now implemented and the class attributes (Damage and Power) used in calculating how much damage is done and the power of a tool.

* (Add) You can now choose whether to add Desktop, Quick Launch and Program Files shortcuts.

* (Update) The Item system has been upgraded to allow for Attributes. This was a big increase in the complexity of the engine (for the better).

Weapon Equipping
* (Update) Weapons can now be dragged onto the Weapon slots (previously was only double-clicking in the Inventory that allowed weapons to be equipped).

* (Update) Trees now spawn correctly (regardless of player block history).

* (Fix) Damage caused was positive (so actually healed you) rather than negative.
* (Change) Pinkeyes will flee you when their damage gets below 30%.
* (Change) Base Pinkeye health increased from 5 to 8.

* (Change) Campfire – Copper Coins needed reduced from 20 to 5.
* (Change) Torch – Copper Coins needed reduced from 5 to 2.

* (Add) The humble Flyswat is now a weapon! It has the lowest damage of all weapons at 1 (well, there are only two weapons, but more on the way!).


The Flyswat is now the first weapon you can wield!

* (Change) Sheep will now flee you when you hit them.
* (Change) Sheep now drop coins (a very small amount, between 1-3 75% of the time) on dying. They probably ingest the coins while partaking of christmas pudding.

Fleeing Sheep

Sheep run away fast when you hit them.

Mob Movement
— “Sentients” is starting to sound really try-hard. “Mob” is much better .. mmmm. Mob. —
* (Change) For each movement state (Random, Follow, Flee) there are different speeds for each mob type.

Player Action
* (Update) Weapons and Tools are now displayed in-game when using them.

Player Action

Your Tools and Weapons now show as you use them.

* (Change) Harvest level of Copper decreased from 40 to 30, Iron from 50 to 40, Silver from 60 to 50 and Gold from 70 to 60.

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