Alpha 21 Build Notes

* (Change) Pinkeye base damage is now 2 (was 1).

* (Add) The mysterious and solitary Jotun can now be seen in the outer regions of Serenity. Be wary! They are large and can cause great damage.

A Jotun

Large, angry and very dangerous. The Jotun are giant-like creatures who live in solitude.

* (Fix) When standing still and harvesting/attacking and not having boots on would cause your feet to disappear!

World Map
* (Add) A World Map has been added (button on HUD or the “M” key). Shows what Regions you have discovered Waypoints for and the location of said Waypoints.

HUD Map Button

The "World Map" button on the HUD (you can also press "M")

World Map

The World Map, showing Player location and known Waypoints

* (Fix) The Block History logging was growing longer the more the Player travelled about the World. Now saves much quicker (and betterer!).

Terrain Generation
* (Update) Trees should no longer spawn -around- the Player. They will still spawn around all sorts of other things though. The wonderful mystical whimsy of the Kingdom of Serenity!

Character Screen
* (Fix) Double-clicking to equip an item where there was already an item in the Equipment slot would result in the item going nowhere.

* (Update) Inventory sorted by Name and searchable (filtered search).

Inventory Sort + Search

Must be a slow news day. Inventory sorts by name and searchable (filtered)!

Leaf Armor
* (Add) Leaf Armor, Cap and Cuirass have been added.

Leaf Armor

Leaf Armor, Cap and Cuirass, help you go green!


Alpha.20 Build Notes

Copper Armor
* (Add) Copper Armor (Helmet, Chest and Boots) is in! Huzzah!

Wearing Armor

I'm Orange!

Armor Equipment

Copper Helmet, Chestplate and Boots can be created and equipped!

* (Add) Each Region now has a Waypoint which when activated for the first time is saved. You can travel between Waypoints.


You can now fast travel around the World of Serenity!

Player Block History
* (Change) Water and Lava are no longer added to the history.

* (Change) Number of Tree Trunks needed to create a Wooden Crate reduced from 3 to 2.

Damage Calculations
* (Update) The Damage calculator now takes into account the total Armor (which is a combination of your Base AR and the pieces of Armor equipped.

* (Fix) While holding down the left mouse button and pressing “z” to pickup items on the ground, once letting go of “z” and then letting go of the left mouse button, the Player would continue to act.

* (Update) If you are dual-wielding weapons, both of them will show in the “Weapon” icon.


HUD now shows two weapons if you are wielding them!

Sentient Movement
* (Change) The “Can I Move” logic now only looks at the “Feet” blocks where the Sentient is trying to move to.
* (Change) Pathing logic improved.

Alpha 19 Build Notes

Because of the work done on the “Item” section of the game engine, you will want to start a new Player for this build.

* (Fix) Campfires were not able to be selected as the Action.
* (Fix) Campfires were not being drawn correctly.


Ahhh. Finally. Some rest.

* (Update) Weapon and Item classes are now implemented and the class attributes (Damage and Power) used in calculating how much damage is done and the power of a tool.

* (Add) You can now choose whether to add Desktop, Quick Launch and Program Files shortcuts.

* (Update) The Item system has been upgraded to allow for Attributes. This was a big increase in the complexity of the engine (for the better).

Weapon Equipping
* (Update) Weapons can now be dragged onto the Weapon slots (previously was only double-clicking in the Inventory that allowed weapons to be equipped).

* (Update) Trees now spawn correctly (regardless of player block history).

* (Fix) Damage caused was positive (so actually healed you) rather than negative.
* (Change) Pinkeyes will flee you when their damage gets below 30%.
* (Change) Base Pinkeye health increased from 5 to 8.

* (Change) Campfire – Copper Coins needed reduced from 20 to 5.
* (Change) Torch – Copper Coins needed reduced from 5 to 2.

* (Add) The humble Flyswat is now a weapon! It has the lowest damage of all weapons at 1 (well, there are only two weapons, but more on the way!).


The Flyswat is now the first weapon you can wield!

* (Change) Sheep will now flee you when you hit them.
* (Change) Sheep now drop coins (a very small amount, between 1-3 75% of the time) on dying. They probably ingest the coins while partaking of christmas pudding.

Fleeing Sheep

Sheep run away fast when you hit them.

Mob Movement
— “Sentients” is starting to sound really try-hard. “Mob” is much better .. mmmm. Mob. —
* (Change) For each movement state (Random, Follow, Flee) there are different speeds for each mob type.

Player Action
* (Update) Weapons and Tools are now displayed in-game when using them.

Player Action

Your Tools and Weapons now show as you use them.

* (Change) Harvest level of Copper decreased from 40 to 30, Iron from 50 to 40, Silver from 60 to 50 and Gold from 70 to 60.

Alpha.17 Build Notes

* (Change) Torch recipe changed, Copper Coins down from 20 to 5.

Game Log
* (Add) Game log (window and logging function) added.

Game Log

You can see what is happening in log form!

* (Change) You no longer automatically pick up anything that drops. The “Z” key will now do an auto-pickup.


Clicking the "Z" key now picks up the items around you

* (Add) Pressing the “X” key will show the names of any Items on the ground.

X Key

Showing the names of the items on the ground

Character Screen
* (Update) The “C” key will also open the Character Screen (along with “I”).

* (Add) Help window added. A couple of bits of information put in, but much more to come.

Help Window

You can now open up a Help window

* (Change) Min Harvesting Level for Tree Trunks has been lowered from 10 to 5.
* (Change) Min Harvesting Level for Stone has been lowered from 15 to 10.